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Pants (option one, two, three) // Blouse (option one, two, three) // Heels (similar) // Bag (Similar) // Sunglasses // Belt //


Friends, what is going on with this weather?! Today's pictures were taken back in October, which is why there are still leaves on the trees and I am not wearing a jacket. Crazy thing is, if it wasn't raining today, you might not need a jacket here in Chicago!

Anyway, today's outfit is one of my favorites. One of the reasons being that army green is my favorite color. It's easy to pair with black, navy, or pretty much any neutral. When I found these pants at H&M this fall, I couldn't pass them up. My affinity for cargos goes back to 8th grade when they were quite the hot item at Limited Too. So while these aren't my first pair, these are certainly more flattering than the baggy, tie-waist pair I was rocking back in the '90s.

I am excited to pair these cargos with other tops like this silk blouse or this simple bodysuit. Since they are a wide-leg and midrise, I think it's important to define your waist. Adding the belt and tucking in a blouse helps define the waist and look slimmer, which is always a good thing!

As for these shoes... I think we can all agree this is not the time of year for you to break out your nude suede pumps. At least not if you live in the Midwest. Nowadays, I would pair these pants with a sock bootie or black leather pump. Those shoes can withstand this treacherous weather! Hope everyone is staying dry today and as always, thanks for reading!





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