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There are some big changes happening around here! Last week I was accepted a new job and I couldn't be more excited. I'm going to wait until I actually start the job before I share what it is I will be doing. But I start on Monday and the feelings are all there. I'm nervous, excited, anxious and everything in-between. It'll be a big change for me since I've been working for myself for two years. In this new role, I will be working downtown, have an office to go to, coworkers, and a team to report to everyday. It feels like I just graduated college and am entering the workforce for the first time.

Another big change...

I'll be taking public transportation to work everyday. For real estate, I drive my car around the city in circles all day. I know people who've been taking public transportation for years will think it's funny, but I am so excited to take it everyday to work. Please let me explain before you freak. I'm excited for the sole reason of convenience. After having my car windows broken-in, countless parking tickets (some not deserved), and getting my catalytic converter stolen, I'm so over having a car in the city. Yes, it is convenient at times, but boy is it a huge responsibility when you don't have a garage to keep it safe. No matter where you live in the city, when a piece of your property is out in the open for people to damage, it's stressful and expensive. Taking the bus to work everyday is a welcome thought for me. I'm also really lucky to live close to the bus, so that walk won't be tough and the route will take me right to my office.

I can't wait to share with you where I'll be working and what it is I'm doing. The future is exciting and so this this career change! I plan on writing a post about why I made a change and the process I went through to get to where I am now. Thank you for your support and I hope ya'll keep reading Lake & Luxury Chi because I have so much fun writing and sharing with you!


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