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New Year, New Hair


I've been coloring my hair for longer than I care to remember. While I'm not exactly sure what my natural hair color is, it is safe to say that I am bottle blonde. But to be fair, it is not my memory's fault I can't remember! I have been getting my hair colored by the same stylist since I was 14 years old, so it all kind of blurs together...

If you color your hair, I'm sure you can agree that when moving to a new city, leaving your colorist behind can be devastating. My colorist in Michigan has colored my hair, my sister's hair, and my Mom's hair for almost 15 years. No exaggeration, he's like another member of our family! Finding a new stylist in Chicago has been quite the dilemma. I have tried and tried to find someone who does colors my hair as well as my beloved MI stylist, but 4 years have gone by and I can't seem to find "The One." Seriously, it's been harder than finding a boyfriend.

I've been to a bunch of places around the city. To be blunt, a few salons have actually ruined my hair. I, by no means, am a colorist, but after getting it done for as long as I have, I'd like to think I know a little bit about the process. I know how often to go get it done, the color I like, how long it takes to pull my base and what causes breakage. Ah yes, breakage. The evil, dreaded baby hairs and bangs you never asked for.

So, after getting an awful haircut recently (I went to a student stylist and ended up with severely uneven bangs), I have decided that one of my New Year's Resolutions is going to be to take better care of my hair.

Below are ten things I am going to start doing in hopes of having healthier hair in 2018!

  1. Wash Hair Every Other Day: I am getting better at this one. Depending on when I workout, I am trying hard not to wash my hair every day. Washing your hair every day can make it dry and brittle, causing more of that mother effing breakage.
  2. Use Blow Out Cream: This stuff is the best! You only use a little and it is a heat protectant, seals split ends, and increases shine. It is my first Oribe product that I know cannot live without!
  3. Use a New Hairbrush: I am obsessed with this hairbrush. It is like a head massage every time you use it. It really helps untangle and it's super inexpensive.
  4. Use This Oil Spray: My colorist used this on me and now I am hooked! It hydrates and moisturizes my dull, devitalized hair! (yes, I took the work devitalized from the back of  the bottle...)
  5. Get Fewer Treatments: I have been getting my hair colored every 5-6 weeks. This year I am going to go less frequently and really cut back on the processing. Not only will it save me $$$, but less processing means less damage to my hair! Plus, I found this Color Boosting Gloss, and it really helps extend my color!
  6. Cut Back on the Heated Tools: My hair does not air dry well. I have a cowlick in the front and unruly frizzy/wavy natural hair. Never the less, I am going to make an effort to cut back on the hairdryer and straightener, especially when I know I am not going anywhere special.
  7. Get More Haircuts: You're supposed to get your hair cut every 8-12 weeks. I think my routine has been going and getting it cut once a year. Getting your hair cut regularly will make it grow faster, stronger, and look over all healthier without those split ends.
  8. Use This Instead of a Towel: After I get out of the shower, the first thing I do is wrap my hair in a towel. After reading up on how to make my hair grow faster (thanks to my bad haircut), I discovered that you shouldn't wrap your hair in a cotton towel. Your hair can get pulled out by the cotton fibers. So instead, I just ordered two of these microfiber hair towels! Hopefully, these will cut down on the breakage near my hairline!
  9. Use Coconut Oil: My roommate uses coconut oil in her hair once a week and she has really shiny healthy hair. Coconut oil stimulates hair growth, makes hair soft and shiny, as well as prevents split ends.
  10. Take Biotin and Drink More Water: These two have multiple health benefits, but both will help with my hair health!


While I know some of these steps aren't groundbreaking, I look forward to sticking with them and bring my hair back to life in 2018. Thanks for reading, friends!

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