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I’m Back & Wearing Polka Dots!


Dress // Bag // Shoes // Belt // Sunglasses

For the last week or so I took a little break from blogging and Instagram. It felt good to take the pressure off myself to post every day. I like sharing my outfits, fashion finds, etc on my platforms because I enjoy doing it. When I start feeling forced to post, it isn't much fun anymore and I feel like my content isn't genuine. 

It may sound silly, but getting dressed in the morning has felt forced lately, too. This weather in Chicago has been so horrible and cold, it's starting to feel like I sleep in my turtlenecks. That's another reason why I haven't been posting very much. While the rest of the country is wearing their pastels and sandals, we are stuck wearing our down coats and snow boots here in Chi-town.

But after a little break, I am BACK! And ready to take on spring, even if that means snowy mornings and freezing afternoons.

While trying to stay away from jeans and sweaters on the blog, I wanted to share this super cute WhoWhatWear dress from Target. As you've probably noticed, polka dots are everywhere this spring season. While we can't all rock a polka dot crop top right now, this midi dress is a cute alternative! I love the hem line, high neck, & mid length. I can't wait to wear it with strappy sandals and a pink lip this summer! 

Below are my favorite polka dot pieces of the season. Obviously, black and white is my go-to, but I mixed in a couple colors for those who are more adventurous than me! Thanks for reading, friends! 


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