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Saving Money, My New Years Resolution


After reading this article on The Everygirl about saving money, it got me thinking about my 2018 New Years Resolutions. I only made a couple and one in particular was to save more money this year. Let's just say that I didn't do the best job accomplishing this one throughout the year. The article gives a bunch of really helpful tips. Big ones like, "live in an apartment you can afford", to smaller ones like "throw a party in your apartment instead of going out". While I already live in a condo I can afford and do little partying, with the help of this article and some planning, I have decided to accomplish my resolution and here is how.

Step one: I am going to go an entire month without buying anything but the necessities. Since September is already here, today I am planning my saving strategies. I plan on following these guidelines for the month of October and then keep up with as many as I can, going into the holiday season. Saving money during the holidays is going to be tough, but if I follow this plan, hopefully I will have a little extra money in my pocket for presents! What are your money saving tips? I would love to know! Comment at the end of this post or on my latest instagram!

My plan:

1. No more Starbucks. I have the app which makes it so easy to order,  scan and be on my way! But it's also one of the most expensive and easiest habits to quit in order to save the $$$.

2. Sticking to my grocery list. I am going to plan my meals in advance and be more knowledgable about what I am buying and for what purpose/recipe. This will not only save me money, but hopefully force me to make healthier choices. Also eating in more often with definitely help me save more money. I plan on limiting eating out to once a week, which I've already started to do in September!

3. No shopping. There will be no shopping for me in the month of October! This will not only save me money, but encourage me to style what I have in my closet a bunch of different ways.

4. Fewer Ubers. I have a car in the city, but I seem to use Uber way more than I should. I plan on Ubering a lot less, taking Uber Pool whenever I can (it's cheaper), or take the bus!

5. Get Creative With Social Plans. Weekends is where I can save the most money. Instead of going out to brunch or meeting up with friends for beer and wings (and football), I am going to get creative!  I can ask friends to come watch the game at my place, suggest a potluck, or suggest restaurants that have deals going on.

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