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Tuesday’s Top 10: Designer Dupes

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Today's Tuesday Top 10 is a little round up of some of my favorite spring items, which all happen to have a hefty price tag. While some things are trendy and a few are classic, I can't justify spending the cash on these 10 items. Luckily, I have found some great dupes, which will do just fine for me. 

I am not endorsing counterfeit products or brands who copy logos. These are just different trends that I want to try without making a $300 purchase.

White Pumps

$$$ $

I have literally always wanted a pair of white pumps. The look chic with spring dresses, jeans, or midi skirts. Plus, Kelly Rippa wears them almost everyday on her show, and I want to be just like her, haha. 

Heart Shape Sunglasses

$$$ // $

These are a trend that I am in love with, but most certianly will not pay $ for. I am obsessed with my dupes! Check out my instagram to see them on. 


Circle Bag

$$$/ $ 

This bag is perfect for spring. I love the top handle and cross body options. Black and white will go with every floral and bright color in your closet, plus it works for day and night! 

Straw Hat

$$$ / $

I don't wear hats often, but really love them in the summer. These two below are practically identical and super cute! 

White Sneakers 

$$$ /$

My obsession with white sneakers will never end. I've also come to realize that they will get dirty and I will have to throw them out at some point. Therefore, there is no need to spend more than $50 on a hair of white sneakers, even if the $198 ones are REALLY cute! 



Statement Earrings

$$$ / $

These statement earrings are very in right now, but I know this is a style I will quickly get sick of. I wouldn't wear them everyday, nor do I see them sticking around until next winter. Save the $ and get the $14 earrings! 

Graphic T-Shirt

$$$ // $ 

I've wanted this Gucci t-shirt for 2 years, but can't justify the $500+ price tag. Retailers like Topshop and Nordstrom have been making graphic t-shirts recently to mimic the look of the Gucci t-shirt. I love the price and the look of the T on the right! 

Pink Jeans

$$$ // $ 

While the pink jeans on the left aren't too expensive for jeans, I am not sure how often I will wear them. They are super cute and I love the raw hem, but I don't think I will rock them enough to pay $200. The jeans on the right though are equally cute and only $24! 

Belt Bags 

$$ // $ 

This is the one spring trend I am still not 100% sure about. Belt bags, also known as fanny packs, are back and not as ugly as they used to be. These black belt bags below are super functional and chic. I really want the expensive one, but not sure how often I would use it. Maybe testing the waters first with the less expensive option might be the way to go. 



Circle Sunglasses 

$$$ / $ 

Another tend that I've wanted to get into is the circle sunnies. But I just can't decide if they look good on me or not. So when I found these dupes on Amazon, I knew I could test the waters without going broke!

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