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Tuesday’s Top 10: My Favorite Apps

  1. Tradesy: This is my favorite app to sell clothes on because of how simple it is. They price it for you, edit your pictures to make it look more professional, and send you a prepaid package to send your item, once it’s sold. I use it for my more expensive pieces, instead of taking them to a consignment store. I’ve been able to get more money from my sale through Tradesy, than I have from a consignment store. Having it on your phone makes it easier to upload pictures, approve a sale, and chat with your buyer! 
  1. Chase/Venmo: I mean, how much easier is life with these two apps? Even if you don’t bank with Chase, I guarantee your bank has an app. Depositing checks, transferring money, and checking your credit card statement now is super quick and efficient!


  1. LIKEtoKNOWit: If you aren't familiar with LIKEtoKNOWit, it is an app that allows you to instantly shop influencers and bloggers looks by liking the photo on instagram. After you sign up and like a picture, an email with the items in the photo will be sent to you to shop! They now have an app that you can use to instantly shop the looks you like. The app is easy to navigate and helpful to find the exact item you're looking for and you don't need to wait for the emial to shop! 
  1. Aaptiv: I will be talking more about this app on Thursday, but it is my new favorite work out buddy. While this one isn’t free, it is totally worth the $ in my opinion.
  1. Mosaico: Helpful for those who want an overall “look” to their Instagram feed. This app allows you to plan our your Instagram feed without publishing any pictures. You can see what the photos and the filters will look like before you hit publish! 
  1. Snapseed: Geared towards bloggers or those who want to edit their photos a little before posting. This app is helpful with brightening specific areas, patching unwanted areas, and smoothing out imperfections. 


  1. Calm: I found this app while wasting time before a showing. It has SO many cool features that it take a while to see all it can do. It can help you meditate, relax, go to sleep, and so much more! I love the breathing exercises, like the one above. I can get really anxious and these timed breathing exercises have helped me. 
  1. Headspace: This app is just meditation. I have yet to really get into it, but from the reviews, people LOVE it!


  1. Weight Watchers & My Fitness Pal: Last year I used the Weight Watchers app for a couple months and really enjoyed using it. It helped me track what I was eating and was super helpful with discovering that I was eating a lot more unhealthy than I thought! As the year went on, I lost track and stopped using it. Since it does cost money, I stopped using it and used My Fitness Pal, which is free. Both apps are helpful when it comes to keeping track of what you are eating. 

10. Hinge: I had to have a dating app on here! Haha! This particular dating app is my favorite for two reasons. 1. It is the app I met my boyfriend on 🙂  And 2. It is a dating app that sends you potential matches based on mutual Facebook friends. I like the idea of meeting someone that I know is real and also is normal enough to be friends with one of my friends. Unlike meeting at a bar or on Tinder, you can give the guy a background check by just asking your mutual friend about them. Using dating apps is never fun or easy, but with this one, I felt like there was a better chance at meeting someone real and not getting catfished. 

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