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Tuesday’s Top 10: My Favorite Workout Gear

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Today's post is a mix of some of my favorite work out pieces and a couple items on my wish list. When it comes to workout clothes, I own more of Lululemon than any other brand. For no particular reason or another, it just seems to be the brand I gravitate towards. My other favorite brands are Nike and Athleta. All three are pretty much around the same price point, wears well, and are comfortable. 

With spring right around the corner and wanting to get my butt in shape, I am excited to add some new items to my wardrobe. Below is a quick rundown of some cute workout gear that will most definitely motivate me to get in the gym! 

As you've probably noticed, I love wearing all black. So, when I saw these Old Navy Pants leggings, I knew I needed them! They are high waisted (only type I buy), ankle length, and have the cutest stripes on the ankle. Right now, they are 40% which makes them less than $20! 

Have you heard of Outdoor Voices? I am obsessed with their leggings and having been dying for a pair. But if you're not too sure about the color blocking leggings and want to save some $$$, these Old Navy Pant are great dupes!  These too are 40% right now! 

As I said earlier, Lululemon is one of my most worn workout brands. While I love their high waist leggings, their workout tops are my favorite. This top has built-in support, which is awesome when you forget your sports bra or are doing a low inpact workout like yoga or pilates.   

Speaking of sports bras, these Nike bras are the only ones I wear. They have great support and are comfortable. I like that they don't have any padding, which is the last thing I need. I actually find mine at Nordstrom Rack for a deal! They currently don't have any online, but I would check your local store! 

When it comes to bringing water to the gym, there is a 99.9% chance I will forget. But if I had this neon water bottle that might change! I LOVE that the water bottle has a filter in it since the sink water in my apartment tastes like metal. I'm definitely getting this from Target because I know that it'll help me drink more water! 

When it comes to the weather in Chicago, more often than not, I need to wear something on my commute to the gym. I am obsessed with these Nike pullovers! They come in 4 colors and are the perfect half zip for spring! 

Something we all need is this pack of socks! Only $4 these are a steal. 

This GAP gym bag is the perfect size for any commuter. It has a cross body strap, which is also super helpful. It's currently 40% which is so tempting!

My final wish list item is this Nike headband. At the moment, I am obsessed with any and all headbands. This one is perfect for working out and running errands. I love the knot detail and that it's only $15. 

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