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Tuesday’s Top 10: House Plants Edition

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I love having fresh flowers around my apartment. Not only do they somehow they turn a house (apartment, condo, whatever) into a home, they remind me of my childhood. Growing up, my Mom would always have flowers on the kitchen counter or our living room coffee table. The small touch had a tremendous impact on the room, filling it with fragrance and somehow making it more welcoming.  

The downside to fresh flowers is they don't last very long. If you're like me, you're rarely home to enjoy them. And of course, they cost $$$. While I have found that Trader Joes has the most affordable fresh flower bouquets, I still get bummed when they die just a week later and I feel like I might as well have thrown my money in the garbage along with the flowers. 

Enter: artificial plants. As I mentioned, flowers bring life into a room. But they don't always have to be as fresh as a daisy (pun intended). Any type of greenery is nice to have inside the house, especially living in the Midwest during this crummy time of year. 

Unfortunately, finding a good faux flower arrangement is a tough job. More often than not; I find fake flowers look... well, fake. Personally, I find it near impossible to find flowers that like even slightly realistic, so I tend to stick with greenery. 

At work, we use fake house plants for staging properties. If you browse Pinterest, you'll notice in most of the interior design photos that there is some type of green plant strategically placed. Plants add warmth to rooms that need a little boost and are great space fillers for areas that need height or a little love. No matter what your space, the houseplants below go with pretty much any design aesthetic.

There are tons of websites out there that have silk trees, shrubs, and succulents. But while faux ferns are supposed to be stress-free, the stressful part is finding the right one for your space! Since there are a lot of options out there, I narrowed down my favorites. I found these 10 options to be the most versatile, believable (they don’t look too fake), and affordable! 

Entry Way (via Pinterest)
Living Room (via Amber Interiors)



Kitchen (via Pinterest)
Bedroom (via Pinterest)

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