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Tuesday’s Top 10: Stepping up your Sweatshirt Game

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If I could, I would live in a sweatshirt and jeans. Yes, I would be reverting back to my 10-year-old self, but to be fair, sweatshirts have stepped up their game over the past 17 years. And while the times have changed, so have I. I am no longer sporting my grade school volleyball team sweatshirt, but instead, I half live in this Levi's pullover

Nowadays, designers are appealing to everyone by making comfortable, chic loungewear. Cute sweatshirt that makes you reach for it to run errands or out for drinks! Some stores paste their logos on the front, while others are into the fun graphics. Personally, my favorites lately have been the bold bright colored sweatshirts.  

Whatever your fancy may be, there is a sweatshirt for you. Now toss that high school cheer sweatshirt you wear every time you go to grab a Starbucks and check out these 10 cuties below! 

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