3 must have apps on your phone
3 must have apps on your phone

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While I'm always on my phone, I rarely download anything new apps and I'm not one who browses the app store. I primarily use photo editing apps and Instagram. But these three apps have been so helpful and fun, knew I had to share them with all of you! These three apps are completely different from one another, but all should be on your phone!


Vivino - "Vivino is an online wine community, database and mobile application where users can buy, rate and review wines. As of 2018, Vivino had a wine database containing over 9 million different wines, and had 31 million users."

Who doesn't love buying wine? I love this app because you can scan a bottle of wine and it'll tell you what it should retail for. That way you can see how much a local wine shop is marking it up. It has a ton of different functions, but it's really fun to browse the reviews and find new wines to try.

Splittr - "Splittr helps you to split group expenses and is super easy to use. It's perfect for vacations, weekend trips, for household costs or any other group costs. Simply add expenses as you go and Splittr will tell you who is next to pay and who owes whom how much."

This is SO helpful for group vacations. We used this in Napa and it was a life saver. Whether you're splitting everything equally or not, it divides how much is owed to each person and how much you're owed by everyone. Saves so much time and headache!

Fibbage - "Fibbage is the lying, bluffing, fib-till-you-win trivia party game from the makers of YOU DON’T KNOW JACK!  Play with 2-8 players! Fool your friends with your lies, avoid theirs, and find the (usually outrageous) truth. And get this: your phone or tablet is your controller!

“The mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky is a ________.” Baby? Rabbit? Ham sandwich? It’s up to you!

Fool your opponents into thinking your bluff is true and you’ll rack up the points! But be careful, if you pick an opponent’s bluff, they’ll be doing a Fibbage fancy dance."

Okay, so this game is SO MUCH FUN! We played it on New Years Eve and we couldn't stop. Our guests didn't leave until 2am because we were playing it over and over. It might have been the alcohol, but I can also soberly say, it's really fun!

What's your favorite app? I would love to know!

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