Sweater Vest | Button Down (Non-Maternity) | Leggings | Denim Button Down


H&M is one of my favorite stores to shop at online. It's always been a hit or miss. This last order I placed was a wonderful surprise and it was a HIT for me! Turns out, there are a few ways to wear the new pieces so I did a little style challenge. These are 7 outfits I made with 4 pieces. I did buy the leggings and the white button down in maternity, but these are easy swaps for non-maternity! These 4 pieces will last me until the end of my pregnancy and well after that since they are my size - just oversized. I am choosing to buy wardrobe staples rather than go for the trendy stuff at H&M since I will be wearing them often while pregnant and I just want to be comfortable. Hope these 7 outfits give you a little fall shopping inspiration!