6 Ways to A Healthier 2019
6 Ways to A Healthier 2019
The most awkward photo of me running...but in a cute outfit by GAMESET

It's that time again when we all make grand plans to loose the holiday pounds and start being our healthiest selves. And I am totally jumping on the wagon. After a very indulgent couple months, I am ready to reset my body and feel healthier. I am not a nutritionist or trainer, so I am not an expert on any of the things I am going to try this month. But I am making some changes in hopes of starting 2019 off healthy!

For the past 3 months or so I haven't been watching what I've been eating, so this is where I am starting. I REALLY don't want to do this, but because Joe and I eat most meals together, we are doing the Paleo diet. Well, he is...let's see how long I last. I LOVE BREADDDDDDD! (Said in Oprah's voice) So this is what I am focusing on - eating more veggies, meats, and fruit. It hasn't been easy so far, but I'm trying my best to fuel my body rather than focusing on limiting what I eat.

The second thing I am doing it  intermitted fasting for the next 60 days. This means I only eat between the hours of 12pm and 8pm and I fast for 16 hours. I did this for a month last year and wish I would have kept up with it. Click here or here for more information on intermitted fasting. Some of the programs are more intensive than just fasting, but that's a personal choice.

Okay, so this one I learned from social media and I am kind of embarrassed to say that I have been influenced into doing this. When I do my fasting, I can't eat anything from the time I wake up until noon. But I can drink coffee and drink other beverages that are less that 50 calories. So I am going to start drinking celery juice after my coffee in order to tie myself over until lunch. There are a ton of benefits from drinking celery juice on an empty stomach, which I just googled. haha! But seriously, this article helped me understand the benefits! *This is the juicer I have and so far it works! 

Drink more water is another healthy habit I am going to try keeping up with this year. I am not going to set a goal with this one, but just try my best to drink as much as I can throughout the day!

It is embarrassing to say how few steps I take some days. I have been working from home a lot lately and I don't get up from my desk often. But for my physical and mental health, I am going to set a goal to get 5,000 steps a day. And that means if I have to walk around my small apartment 1,000x to get them, I am going to start trying!

In my apartment complex we have a tiny workout room. And we luckily have 2 treadmills that are often vacant. My goal is to get on one of them 2x a week for 30 mins. This is separate from the classes I take on ClassPass during the week. This time of year in Chicago is dark and cold and can be tough to get to those classes. I think this goal will help me on my meeting my steps goal and overall health.

Recap on my health goals:

  1. Intermitted Fasting
  2. Drinking celery juice
  3. Water a day
  4. 10,000 steps a day
  5. Run 2x a week
  6.  Paleo Diet

What are your health goals for 2019? I'd love to hear them! And if you are interested in hearing more about any of my goals, feel free to email me at lakeandluxurychi@gmail.com.


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