7 must have boots for fall
7 must have boots for fall

7 Must have boots for fall

Over The Knee Boot: I wear my OTK boots all the time during the fall and winter. Pairing them with mini dresses or jeans, they really dress up an outfit. These boots are under $130, have a great heel, and are super easy to walk in!

The Suede Western Bootie: Western is trending hard right now. These suede booties are perfect for someone who lives in a warmer climate. While I have suede booties and live in the midwest, I think that leather is a better option. Suede gets ruined quickly in the snow and salt. These booties are SO cute though!

Leather Bootie: I am 100% buying these. I used to have a pair of suede booties that look exactly like these ones. Since they were suede, they got trashed pretty quickly and I wore them until they looked like they had been run over by a car. Time to replace and invest in a pair I hope to have longer than 1.5 winters!

The Leather Western Bootie: These leather western booties are a better option for me. I love the zipper detail and that they are super affordable!

Riding Boots: I have had these boots since college. I was going to sell them a couple years back and I am SO happy my sister told me not to. They are back in style and will look so cute with a sweater and jeans. They are perfect for work, weekends, and everything in-between!

Sock Bootie: Sock booties are my obsession lately. I bought a pair last winter from Zara that I love and wear all the time. It looks great with jeans, midi dresses, midi skirts, and mini dresses. I think they are so versatile and can be styled so many different ways! These are $100 and I know you'll get your moneys worth!

Trendy Snow Boot: My sister has these and I am so jealous! They are so cute with jean and I know they'll sell out fast this winter. Most snow boots are not cute and it's hard to find a pair that are socially appropriate. These guys are on my wish list for this winter!

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