1. Heeled Black Booties

Black and White Dress

Clark Booties: These boots are my most-worn winter shoe. When looking for an ankle boot with a heel, I think it's important to find one that has a rubber sole (especially living in Chicago!). The bottom of these have a super-durable and sturdy sole, which not only makes them incredibly comfortable but also safe to wear in the slush and snow. Mine are Clark, which always surprises people. Unfortunately, these are last season, but below are some similar options!

2. Leather Jacket 

Leather Jacket and Black Midi Dress

Set Leather Jacket: I am obsessed with my leather jacket. I got it for my birthday last year and find myself constantly reaching for it. While it is an investment piece, there are tons of other leather jackets out there. The most important thing is to try it on and feel comfortable in it. This Set jacket feels like a second skin. It's lined with grey jersey material and is so buttery soft...Can you tell yet that I am obsessed?

3. Gucci Belt


Gucci Belt: To be honest, I never really wore belts until I got this one. Again, it's an investment, but as a classic piece it will last years to come. I wear mine at least 2x a week. I love the statement buckle and how it defines my waist. I've worn it here, here, and here. While this version has been sold out since Christmas, I found similar (and more affordable) versions below!

4. Cashmere Wrap


Cashmere Wrap: I found this wrap on sale on Gilt. My favorite scarves are White and Warren Travel Wraps, but they are quite expensive. So when I saw there was a deal on cashmere on Gilt, I jumped at the chance to get a similar travel sized scarf for less! I chose this sand color because I knew it would go with everything. I wear it all the time and want another color! Below are some options that I am currently loving!


Meghan Pulte

Gold Hoops: If you haven't noticed, I wear these hoops more than any other earring I own. They are 14k gold and from COSTCO! My Mom has had a pair for years and wears them a ton! Who knew Costco had such quality jewelry?! These classic hoops go with everything and the best part is, I'll never have to worry about them making my earlobe green!

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