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Barefoot Dreams | Equilibria | Laneige Lip Mask | Ouai Body Wash | Tula Eye Cream | Hillhouse Nap Dress | Lululemon Align Biker Shorts | Amazon Dress | Black Sunglasses | Lake Pajamas | Nike Sneakers | Golden Goose Sneakers |

If you follow more than one influencer on social media you've probably heard about a couple of these items above. It seems like once a product hits Instagram, it's all any of the gals can talk about. Part me knows it's for a good reason - most of the time they are being paid to talk about it. Which can get confusing and be misleading. Do they really use the product? Do they LOOOOOOVE it like they say they do? And most importantly is it worth the hype and worth spending my money on?

To be transparent, I don't partner with any brands and I share these things for fun. Yes, I make between $.50 and $5 here and there from your purchases (thank you!) but I'm not here to push any product or convince you that you NEED something. Which is why today I am reviewing the most pushed products I see on Instagram! These are things I've bought and used, and my honest opinions of them!

  1. Barefoot Dreams - WORTH THE HYPE - To feel this blanket is to understand ultimate coziness! But don't be fooled, you can find these blankets on sale pretty often. It bugs me when influencers say, "these never go on sale! I just bought 4! Hurry!" My thought is always, why? Why do you need 5 blankets? How cold is your home? If you need a cozy blanket, this one is worth the $$ in my opinion.
  2. Equilibria - WORTH THE HYPE - I was completely skeptical at first with this CBD product. It is wildly over advertised by influencers, but the product does work. I can't use it now because of pregnancy, but when I was using it, it really thought it helped with my anxiety.
  3. Laneige Lip Mask - Not worth it - I am just not a lip balm/mask gal. I always forget to put it on and it really doesn't do anything for me when I use it. I'd pass and just get a burts bee stick at target.
  4. Ouai Body Wash - Not worth it - I got this because it was a "clean" body wash, but really it doesn't sud up in the shower and it's hard to wash off. I've tried a few of these Ouai products, and I really didn't love any of them. Pretty packaging, but other than that, I'd pass.
  5. Tula Eye Cream - WORTH THE HYPE - Holy cow, Tula does MAJOR influencer marketing, to the point where it really annoys me. To be honest, my sister had this first, and she influenced me to buy it. It really does brighten my eyes and feels refreshing.
  6. Hillhouse Nap Dress - On the fence - The cult behind these dresses is intense! While I love the look of them on other people I don't reach for mine that often, maybe because it's super preppy? I really want one for the holidays so maybe that'll change my tune. I do think they are very comfortable and look good on all body types. But beware, the one I have pictured above is see through.
  7. Lululemon Align Biker Shorts - WORTH THE HYPE - These are super soft and really easy to wear right now and I know next summer I will be reaching for them daily! Honestly, Lulu can do no wrong in my mind. 🙂

Additional WTH (Worth the hype) items:

  1. Amazon Dress
  2. Black Sunglasses
  3. Lake Pajamas
  4. Nike Sneakers
  5. Golden Goose Sneakers- Super controversial, but I love my Golden Goose. I have a few pairs and all of them I have bought on sale. They are super comfortable and I wear with everything. Totally understand if they aren't your style, but I love them!


  1. Atris Makeup Brushes: The reason I started thinking about this post! I've seen these brushes ALL OVER Instagram, so I bought a few from Nordstroms. I don't wear much makeup and last week one of the brushes BROKE. I haven't even had them a year and the bristles chunk fell off the handle in one clump. These brushes are expensive, so I say save yourself the cash and buy Sephora brushes.