First Date

1. Stella BarraLocated on Halsted just south of Armitage, Stella Barra is a great first date option. Attached to the equally-delicious Summer House Santa Monica and just down the block from other hot spots like Oyster Bah, there's sure to be plenty of foot traffic and people watching to take the pressure off. Whether you go for just drinks or stay and split a delicious pizza - the ambiance is warm and relaxed - and hopefully so is your company!

2. Cafe Ba-Ba-Rebba: Also on Halsted, but just north of Armitage, this tapas restaurant will get you and your date talking. Going to get tapas is a great way to get to know each other and learn about your date's likes and dislikes. Hopefully, you'll discover you have similar tastes and can enjoy some amazing sangria and goat cheese spread together!

Third Date

1. Gemini:  Gemini is a cute neighborhood spot that happens to have the best burger in LP (not sponsored, just my opinion!). There are a few reasons I'd categorize Gemini as a 3rd date spot. First, the newly-renovated decor is a bit nicer than your average eatery. The atmosphere is Gatsby-esque while still being welcoming. Second, while Gemini has a variety of menu options (including the delicious burger. Did I mention I love the burger?), their prices are a bit higher. You don't want to make your date go broke on the first date, so maybe save this spot for a few dates in. If the date goes well, you can walk two blocks south on Lincoln and grab a nightcap at the J.Parker, which is on the roof of Hotel Lincoln.

2. Athenian Room: This authentic Greek restaurant is one of my favorites in the city. While I don't advise gobbling down a Gyro in front of your date, the benefit of this 3rd date spot is that they don't serve alcohol. While this may seem intimidating to some, I find it liberating! Take this opportunity to get to know your date sans-buzz. But if you still need a little liquid courage, have no fear Glasscott's has you covered! Glasscott's Bar is right next door and actually shares a bathroom with Athenian Room. The two restaurants have a great partnership which allows patrons to grab a beer and bring it into Athenian Room or even grab some food and bring it over to the bar!

Dating Forever 

1. La Crosta Woodfire: Okay, so you could do pizza for any date or every day for that matter- and let me tell you, this place is that good! I chose La Crosta because it is right down the street from Swirlz Cupcakes and who doesn't want dessert after demolishing some pizza!

2. Twin Anchors: If you haven't heard of or been to Twin Anchors, you haven't lived. They have the BEST ribs (other than my moms :)). I would definitely wait until you know your date more than 20 minutes before you start gnawing at a rib bone...but who knows he may be into that...

It's just drinks

Listed on a scale from stilettos to sneakers. (Fancy to Casual)

1. Willow Room

2. Halligan Bar 

3. Local Option 

4. Marquee Lounge


Whether you try these options with a handsome gentleman or make it into a girls night, I hope I gave you some new options to explore in Lincoln Park!

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