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I've done a lot of projects around our house over the past few years, but this one is my favorite! If you scroll down, you'll see the before picture of our front entry. The previous owners had created a chalk board wall and drawn big birch trees. While they were very well done, it just wasn't our taste. I painted over the trees a while ago, but it took some time to figure out what we wanted to do with our small entryway.

Fast forward to quarantine and I got inspired! Being home so much during the past year, we noticed that this corner of our place was pretty dark, even after painting over the black wall. We discussed calling an electrician and putting in some lights to brighten up this space. But after running the numbers it didn't make sense for us since our plan is not our forever home.


Once I get an idea in my head, I have to see it through, ESPECIALLY when it has to come to home design...My solution was to install these sconces and then use battery powered lights in them to brighten up the corner. And it worked! I am so so happy with the results. While it's not the most bright light, it warms up entry way and is really nice to look at.

Another nice thing to look at is our new shoe storage dresser. I had the hardest time finding something that didn't look like a piece of junk and hid our growing shoe collection. We were tired of looking at our mountain of shoes and I knew I needed something with doors, somewhere to drop keys, etc. I found this while registering for the wedding and it's perfect.

The final thing that we did, which you can see a little glimpse of in the corner, is we painted the doors and moldings. The crown molding in our place is painted white, but these doors and door frames were natural wood when we moved in. Being the person I am, I painted those white the first week of quarantine. It took FOREVER, but it is something that made a HUGE different in our place and I am so happy it's done!

Hope this gives you a little design inspiration and thanks for visiting Lake and Luxury!


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