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Mini Gold Hoops / $

Silver Diamond Hoops / $$

Medium Size Hoops / $

Amazon Gold Hoops / $

Diamond Studs / $

Diamond Bracelet / $$$

Gold Chain Bracelet / $

Rosary Ring / $$$

Diamond Stacking Band / $$$

I am a big hoop girl, as you can tell by the items above! I have pairs of all sizes! I linked a few of the ones I have above, but I've also found two of my favorite pairs at T.J.Maxx and Costco! Random, but they were great prices for diamond and 14k gold hoops.

I've worn these diamond studs from Nordstrom for YEARS. They look so real and are really affordable. I also have two of these stacking diamond rings and I wear them everyday. I stack them with a rosary ring, similar to this one.

I shop for a lot of my jewelry at BaubleBar, Shopbop and Ross Simon.