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Ice Pack Slippers | Air Purifier | Preggie Pop Drops | Ginger Rescue | Bra Extenders | Acupressure Bands | Water Bottle | Gum | Lemon and Peppermint Oils 

I am 38 weeks pregnant this week and somehow finally writing my post on my first trimester I still wanted to share this post because when I was in my first trimester, I couldn't find a single person (on the internet) that went through the same things that I was dealing with. I don't need to tell you every symptom I had, but I thought sharing these items that helped me, could potentially help someone else!

When I first found out I was pregnant, I read a bunch of bloggers posts about their first trimesters, looking to learn about what to expect and how to deal. What I learned is that no two pregnancies are the same and it can be really isolating. Everyone's journey is SO different.

Personally, my pregnancy has been difficult mentally and physically. My first trimester I was getting sick up to 6 times a day, all day, everyday. Nothing made it better and nothing made it go away until I was 12 weeks and got on an anti-nausea medicine. I couldn't keep anything down and just the thought of food made me sick. Joe had to order out almost everyday because the smell of him cooking made me sick. Luckily once I got on my meds, life got a little easier.

Above are some things I tried when I was feeling my lowest. Below is a quick breakdown of how I used these items and how they were helpful.

Ice Pack Slippers - These are more for my second/third trimester swollen feet and hands. Holy cow do your feet and hands hurt! I wear sneakers pretty much everyday and my feet are so sore no matter how long I am standing. These are amazing and offer relief at the end of the day. I even wear them on my hands when I feel swollen.

Air Purifier - Okay, so this one is random, but I bought it for our kitchen because at a certain point anything Joe cooked made me get sick. He would cook dinner and the smell would still be there when I woke up in the morning. This purifier is great and helped me SO MUCH.

Preggie Pop Drops -My mom found these for me on Amazon and I ate them ALL THE TIME. I couldn't go out in public without them. They helped me with my nausea and where probably the only thing that helped me hide my pregnancy sickness from others when I was out and about. They really helped at the grocery store because all the smells and sights of food.

Ginger Rescue - When I first started getting sick I ate these like candy, but I over did it and they then made me nauseas. So my advice is try in small doses.

Bra Extenders -  One of my first symptoms of pregnancy was my chest growing 3 cup sizes - yes 3, maybe even more at this point. I bought new bras at week like 13 but now those bra bands are TIGHT. I didn't want to drop another $200 on bras, so I got these extenders on Amazon and saved some $$$!

Acupressure Bands - I wore these traveling and they really helped! I had to travel A TON my first trimester and nothing is worse being sick on an airplane. These bands and my preggie pops helped so much.

Water Bottle - I have never drank this much water in my entire life. Having one of these bottles next to me at all times helps and I think the straw helps me drink more too.

Gum - Random, but gum helped me a lot too when in public.

Lemon and Peppermint Oils - These were huge when Joe was cooking. I would just stick one in front of my nose for an hour while he cooked, ate and cleaned the kitchen. Smells really made me sick so these were really strong and covered any broccoli or meat he was cooking.

At the end of the day, I tried A TON of things to make myself feel better. I tried Unisom and Vitamin B, another weird pill from Amazon for morning sickness, and then more. The only thing that really made me able to eat normal/healthy foods and feel somewhat like myself was the prescription I got from my doctor and time. I'm in no way an expert and since this is my first, I'm winging pretty much everything, but I hope something in this post helps you or someone you know going through their first trimester.