Fun fact about me: I slept in a bunkbed during my junior and senior years of college. For most people, freshman year is really the only time you share a bed frame with another grown adult. But not for me! I shared a queen size bunk with my best friend Avery and it was awesome.

It wasn't until I moved to Chicago, that I was finally sleeping solo and able to decorate my own room. Fortunately I didn't have to bring my bunkbeds to Chicago - although I did want to bring Avery - and I got to start from scratch.

I've taken my time to wisely choose some "big ticket items" for my room, starting with necessities like a bookshelf and nightstand.

But as you can tell from the title of this post, four years later, I am ready to add a new piece of furniture to my room.

It's time to pull the trigger on a headboard.

My style is pretty neutral. I am planning on purchasing a headboard that blends in well with my current color tones. As you can see, I love the nailhead look!

While I'm still deciding on which headboard is right for me, I found some fun decor inspiration for those of you thinking about finishing your space! Check it out on my Pinterest!

I'll be sure to share pictures of my room once I make a final decision...and once I clean my room.

Click on the headboard to shop! 

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