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Have you ever waited until the last minute to buy a hostess gift? With the holiday season in full swing, I thought I would share some easy gift ideas. If you're anything like me you remember you need to bring a gift when you are already on your way to the party! These 10 gifts can be found at stores you'll (hopefully) pass on the way to your party!

  1. Nest Candle: I found these at Paper Source and they are the perfect holiday hostess gift. While you're at PS grab a card and one of these and you're all set!
  2. Appetizer Idea Book: Also found at Paper Source, this book is the perfect hostess gift for your friend who loves to cook!
  3. Kim Crawford Wine: This is my personal favorite! Kim can be found at most wine stores, groceries, and at Target! If you're bringing a bottle of wine, grab a card and a cute wine bag. It shows that you made an effort and didn't just grab a bottle from your fridge.
  4. Croissant Christmas Ornament: If you are going to a Christmas party at someones home, I love the idea of bringing an ornament to add to your host's tree. This one is from Anthropologie, where they have a variety to choose from. They also have wonderful candles at Anthro if you want to bring something else!
  5. Holiday Dog Bone: Is everyone at the party going to be bringing a bottle of wine? Bring your host's furry friend a gift. It shows that you made an effort to get something other than liquor and they're super inexpensive. This one was found at Target!
  6. Holiday Coasters: If Bed Bath & Beyond is the only store on your way to the party, pick up these holiday coasters. They are super festive, and hosts can always use more coasters!
  7. Glass Vase: Depending on where you buy the flowers, some stores won't sell vases, too. I suggest buying a vase and flowers when going to a party. This way the host doesn't have to take time away from their guests or from prepping food in order to arrange flowers. If you bring them prearranged, your host can use them as a centerpiece!
  8. Cocktail Napkins: Are you bringing a dish to the party? Maybe an appetizer or dessert. Grab some fun napkins, too!
  9. Jenga: Did your host tell you not to bring ANYTHING? They don't need any more food or drinks. And the only store you're going to pass on the way to the party is a CVS or Wallgreens. Bring a board game! You'd be surprised how many convenient stores sell them. Grab a card while you're there and make sure to write something heartfelt to your hosts.
  10. Box of Chocolate: A classic hostess gift. You can find them at any grocery store, Target, CVS, etc. They make a perfect gift because the hostess can serve them with coffee after dinner.

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