Blue and White
Blue and white will always be one of my favorite color combinations in a kitchen. While you might not be able to tear out your cabinets or countertops to incorporate the look, why not add some of these fun items to your space?
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  1. This cow mat has been on my wish list for months
  2. Obsessed with these chairs
  3. And these
  4. Throw this awesome area rug under your kitchen table or under a nearby couch
  5. Loving this lamp
  6. Porcelain jars like this and this can hold anything in your kitchen, from cookies to matchboks, they look cute anywhere
  7. Who says plates have to match? This set is only $34 for a set of 6
  8. Target has the best curtains for any room
  9. These Silicone & Bamboo cooking tools add a pop to any countertop
  10. Splurge! --My dream mixer

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