When I looked up the term "knick-knack", Google defined it as a “worthless household item."

I beg to differ.

I'm a believer that it's your knick-knacks that make your home unique. Sure, they might not actually serve a purpose, but they add color, texture, and character to your space!

Today’s post is about affordable knick-knacks.

Growing up doesn’t mean you have to start collecting antique books or expensive majolica. It's always nice when your guests can comment on more than the empty wine bottles lining your bookshelves. Ladies and gentlemen, empty bottles are not decorative items. They are trash- throw them away!

For those who are starting your collection of knick-knacks, I have a tip - mix it up! Don’t go to Target and buy all their gold figures or every wicker basket you see. You want to have a cohesive mixture of colors and textures! High and low, marble and wood, shiny and matte. As long as you keep with a theme, your collection can be as diverse as your dating resume (not speaking from experience of course...).

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