I recently shared on my Instagram that I have been thoroughly enjoying redecorating Joe and my home. Slowing but surely, we are adding personal touches and style to our space.

I was really lucky that when I moved in Joe, he had the most of the important pieces of furniture already. And even better, it was all pretty neutral. Since moving in together, we’ve added a bar cart, rugs (one & two), and my new favorite piece, this leather ottoman.

While it’s my favorite piece we've picked out together, picking this new coffee table took months and the search wasn’t easy. Who knew that a leather ottoman was such a difficult thing to find?! After a lot of searching and saving, we recently pulled the trigger on this one!

Today I am sharing 4 leather ottoman options I found throughout my search. I think they are all killer and I wish I had room for all of them. But at the end of the day it comes down to budget, space, and the look you’re going for. If you’re in the market for a new leather ottoman, I hope this helps with your search!

Leather Ottoman-puff: I really love this one. It’s similar to the one we ended up choosing in the sense that it’s also a puff. It wasn’t the right size for us and I didn’t think the exposed seams was really the look I was going for. If you’re into the unpolished look, this one is for you! It has great reviews and for a leather ottoman, I think this is a great size for the price!

Midcentury Storage Ottoman– This one was the most inexpensive one I found, which was not easy to do! I love that it opens up and has space for storage. Lord knows we can always use more storage space in our condo. This one is midcentury, which didn’t really fit out farmhouse rustic look, but I'm into it.

Square tufted leather – This one was my dream ottoman, at first. I liked that it was large, shiny and had structure to it. The tufted leather looks really nice and it should be! This one is the most expensive one out of all 5 options. Heck, I could get a custom made one at Interior Define and it'd still be cheaper. AND it’s from Wayfair! I was shocked by the price and for as much as I love it, I couldn’t pull the trigger. If you have the budget, I say go for it, sister!

I am obsessed with the leather ottoman we choose. I knew that over time leather was going to show wear and that it was never going to stay perfect, which is one thing I loved about this one. It came with that “lived-in” feel already. Some people would be bothered by that and I thought I was at first. Then I got to thinking that if it came perfect, un-scuffed and all, I would hyper focus on all the marks that were made from then on out. For $500, it fits perfectly in our space and I couldn't be happier!