Have you heard of the account “Things.i.bought.and.liked” on Instagram? If you haven’t, you have to follow this gal. She keeps herself anonymous and just gives her honest opinion of the most random items. She buys all the things she reviews, so I trust her opinions. Every year she shares her top items of that year, which has inspired my post today. Borrowing her idea, today's post is about my top 5 things I bought this year and have used non-stop!

I take the train to work and while some people think backpacks are nerdy, I think this backpack proves that thought wrong!  I got this Dagne Dover backpack a couple months ago and I'm never turning back. I walk about 1.5 miles from the train to my office and it’s just not worth the pain of a shoulder bag. I got the color black because it goes with all my jackets and coats, plus it won't show any dirt from laying on the floor in my office. I chose the medium size, which is good for what I need. I just transport my lunch and my laptop to and from work. If I were using it as a gym bag, I would have gone for the large size. There is a small size, but I don't think that would work as a work bag, but it's also super cute.

I got these slippers for my bridesmaids and myself as a part of the “be my bridesmaid box”! I actually asked all of them at random times and didn’t get them a gift, until I found these slippers and had to share with friends! Some of the girls don't have their gift yet, so SURPRISE! 🙂 They’re really cozy and I like how my feet don’t over heat in them & they're easy to walk in.

I wrote about these Everlane pants in a couple Instagram posts. But for real, these are my favorite work pants. They are super high-rise and are just really comfortable. I like where they hit my ankle and I can wear sneakers, flats, or booties with them and it still looks chic.

Thanks to my good pal, Kristin, I have worn these $13 sunglasses more than I have worn any of my other sunglasses, no matter how expensive they are. I have the identical pair of Celine sunglasses, which I got on sale at Nordstrom Rack, but I still like these Amazon dupes more. They are more light weight and more comfortable on my face.

I got this Trish Mcevoy mascara last year for Christmas from Joe's mom and I haven't used anything else since (unless I had my fakes on). This goes on really easily, no clumps, and the best part is taking it off. It's a tube mascara, which makes it so easy to wash off and not stain any of our towels. The mascara slides right off the lashes and there's no scrubbing or makeup remover needed.

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