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Looking back at my Amazon purchases I thought they would be more interesting since the year was "interesting". But in all honesty, I use and love these items so much that I wanted to share them with you!

Below is a run down of my favorite Amazon purchases in 2020.

Joggers - These joggers are AMAZING! They feel like LuluLemon and are less expensive. I think they run a little small, so I sized up and wear them non-stop. They are perfect for traveling (once we all do that) and lounging around the house.

Fridge Storage - During quarantine I organized every part of our condo, including our fridge. We got hooked on the sparkling water, Waterloo, and it took over our fridge. I got this can organizer and it helped a lot!

Pill Shaver - I bit the bullet and bought a real, big girl pill shaver. I had a little battery powered one and it didn't do sh*t. This one plugs into the wall and glides! I have done our carpets, sweaters and pillows and they all look SO much better! My carpet looks brand new.

Air Fryer - We received one as a wedding gift and then bought a few as gifts for Christmas. Joe and I LOVE our air fryer. We use it once or twice a day and it's so easy to clean and use. It's the best kitchen gadget we have! We make wings in it, any type of potato, and fish!

Organizing Bins - I got these for under the sink storage and we love them. Our cleaning products fit perfectly and it's easy to find whatever it is I'm looking for.

Cook Book - This True Comfort cook book is definitely one of my go-to's lately. Kristin isn't my favorite celebrity (if that's what you want to call her) personality, but she makes some pretty delicious recipes. We love the banana and pumpkin muffins!

Sparkly Bracelet - This $14 bracelet will make a statement with any outfit! It's so fun and brings me joy.

Native Shoes - Shocking, another white sneaker. These seriosuly, these are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own! I wore them all summer long. They aren't fancy and they don't "work with any outfit" but they are great to throw on and go. I definitely will be purchasing in navy next summer!