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2018 was the year that I discovered Amazon Prime. Late to the game, I know. But I have found some of my favorite things on Amazon. Things that I used everyday and wanted to share with all of you! I did a quick rundown of the items above and gave a little back story to each one. Everything is below $100 and totally worth it.

Amazon Finds: 

Jacket--I've worm this jacket almost everyday since I bought it. It's so warm and I personally think it looks more expensive than it is. I bought it to ski in this winter, but haven't gone yet! I also bought this one earlier this winter and it's equally as warm and inexpensive. Both actually keep me warm even in these freezing temperatures! I think they look like the S.A.M. jackets, but aren't as obnoxiously expensive. Have you heard about this Amazon jacket? It's pretty much everywhere after SomethingNavy wore it, but I guess it's blown up and articles have been written about the Amazon coat. It's cool, but I seriously see one lady a day wearing it...Be unique, buy something different and equally as warm and chic!

Keurig Pod Holder - I bought this for Joe when he moved into his place over the summer. Before this cool contraption he had his pods in the boxes and they were falling out, this way and that. This holder fits all his pods and the Keurig sits on top of it. The counter is much less cluttered now and it looks pretty too! Although I don't think Joe cares, I love it!

Juicer--Okay, so I jumped on the celery juice train and bought a juicer a couple weeks ago. I've been making juice almost every morning, which has made me drink less coffee. I think it's a win win in my book!

Sunglass Holder--I've had this for a couple of years and it's perfect for storing my sunglasses. It's mounted on my wall, so I can see all my sunnies at the same time. It's supposed to be for nail polishes, which would be a great idea if I had more than two colors- ha!

Ice Roller--You've probably seen this ice roller on Instagram, but let me tell you - it rocks! I keep it in my freezer and use it in the morning. It soothes my skin and feels amazing. Honestly, when I'm hungover it's the best thing in the world.

Clothing Rack--I bought this in July because my new apartment has limited closet space. I think it goes perfectly with my room and I like that it has a shelf on the bottom to store my shoes. It was easy to put together and inexpensive!

Felt Hangers--These puppies are the best hangers. There is nothing more frustrating than hanging stuff up and then immediately it falls to the ground. I think it makes my closet look more organized and overall they are super long lasting and helpful!

Sunglasses--I wear these sunglasses almost everyday. As you can see in my blog photos, these black sunglasses are my go-to's. They are a substantial plastic, which is great and makes them hard to break. I also love the price!

Eye Masks--Also needed in my new apartment is an eye mask. It's really bright in my room so I had to buy one ASAP. I like how these are velcro adjustable and made of foam, making them really comfortable.

Headphones --Just bought these and LOVE them! I've heard that wireless headphones make a huge difference during a workout and now I get it! These are easy to charge, hold charge for a long time, and are easy to connect to your phone! Plus, they are affordable!

**Want--Hair Wand--Okay, so I don't own this...yet. My sister has it and she LOVES it. I am waiting to try it before I purchase. She says it makes her hair look like she just got a blow out. Who doesn't want that? It does make a bit of noise she said, but so does a hair dryer! Just don't use it next to your sleeping baby. I will report back on this one once I try it!

What are your favorite Amazon purchases? Would love to know!

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