I'm still very into shopping for clothes, don't get me wrong, but lately I've been gravitating towards a different type of online shopping. I'm not sure if it comes with age or this is just where I am at in life, but I am currently OBSESSED with furniture and art shopping. We aren't moving right now, and have no where to put anything new, but I can't stop envisioning our future home and all the art and furniture that we'll (hopefully) need! While I love the One Kings Lane, Pottery Barn, West Elm, etc. I am thinking our next home with be more traditional and a better mix of decor than things just big box stores. Insert - My favorite furniture/art/decor resale sites!

Whether you call it second hand, antiquing, thrifting, whatever - I'm finding some amazing things online that I didn't know existed! It's so fun to look and see what people are selling and at what price in my area. When we are ready to move I know I'll be using these sites to purchase a few special items for our home. Below is a list of sites that I visit almost daily and I hope they're new and fun for you to browse too!

  1. 1st Dibs - More expensive than the others, but this site sells jewelry, art and furniture. Most of it is out of my price range right now, but it's REALLY fun to look at.
  2. Live Auctioneers - This site is so fun because each item is up for auction and they have a huge variety of inventory. You can get some really great steals on art, decor and more!
  3. Facebook Marketplace - We've all heard about it, but browsing Facebook Marketplace is truly addicting! You have to REALLY search, but there are some amazing pieces of furniture and art on there. I follow a few bloggers who have great tips for FM searching, so I too want to now keep looking for a treasure!
  4. EstateSales.net - I think we can all agree that estate sales can be either a hit or a miss. But this site allows you to preview the items for sale, which is amazing! You put in your zip code and it pulls up all the sales in your area for that weekend, this too is addicting!