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My obsession with the Container Store started a couple years ago when I moved in with Joe. Before moving in together I shared an apartment with 2 roommates for about 6 years. Let's just say I wasn't the most organized young adult during those years...haha. Whatever the reason, when I moved in with Joe, I fixated on organizing our space - every nook and cranny!

We live in 2 bedroom condo and I have done my best to organize every square inch of it. Organizing is what I now love to do. I love it so much that it's turned into my part time job! At some point during the pandemic, I decided I wanted to do what I love and I quit my job as a marketing coordinator. I was offered a job with The Neat Method, and I took it! I am now a home organizer and I'm loving it! I've only had a few jobs so far, but I know it is going to be good for me. After my first job with the team I came home and started reorganizing our kitchen. Joe looked at me (like I was a crazy person) and said, "I know this is what you're supposed to be doing. You came home from work and kept working!".

In honor of my new gig and passion, I'm sharing one of my favorite spaces in my our home that I've organized, re-organized, and organized again. Living in a condo, these small spaces are always a work in progress. For Joe and I, this system works and it has made our lives easier. It doesn't hurt that it's esthetically pleasing, too.

Welcome to our pantry! We don't have very much cabinet space in our kitchen, so when I moved in, we bought these shelves to go on the empty wall across from the fridge. We made an exposed pantry using two sets of shelves and I used these bins to organize and group our food. I bought labels at the Container Store from The Home Edit collection and they work great. There are also a million stores on Etsy where you can buy labels from for your pantry. Check out this store and this one for two of my favorite fonts!

We got these OXO Containers for our wedding and I am obsessed with them. Decanting some of our most used or eaten foods makes it easier to find things and know exactly what we have. A great place to look for these containers is Home Goods, Container Store and Costco! I also bought these wire baskets from Target that are perfect for extra stuff like paper towel and drinks. The floor was an underutilized space, so these baskets give everything a home and look nice.

Our pantry makes me happy now and it's so much easier to cook and make a grocery list. We don't over buy food often and we eat everything because we can see it. When snacks and such are shoved into a closet or hidden on the back of a shelf, you're less inclined to eat it or know you have it. I hope this gave you a few ideas for your home and pantry organiziation. I'm excited to share more about The Neat Method and my home!

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