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Evereden Golden Belly Serum | Living Proof Shampoo | Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil | ILIA True Skin Serum Concealer| Luna Fofo Pearl Pink | Trio Boom Sticks | Supergoop Sunscreen | m-61 Vitablast | Cetaphil Body Lotion | m-61 Hydroboost Face creamBeautyCounter Eyebrow | Beauty Self Tanner | Origins Face wash 

To be honest, I slacked HARD during my pregnancy with taking care of my skin. I did a little research when I found out I was pregnant and saw that a few of my skincare items I was using weren't great for pregnant women. So I made a few swaps. I didn't use all this stuff religiously, but when I did find the energy to use these products I really liked them. So much so that I've continued using them all postpartum.

Quick run down: I lived by the Boom Sticks during the first few months when I felt like crap and didn't want to put any effort into my makeup. A few quick swipes and I looked alive and healthy even when I wasn't feeling like it. I love Origin's face wash and will keep using! It suds up, which I like. Shampoo and concealer are great and will repurchase in the future. The Clarins body oil is a MUST. I have really dry skin and hate putting on body lotion. This is so good that I have backups in my medicine closet so I never run out. Everything on the bottom row I will repurchase when I run out of besides the Beauty Counter eyebrow gel. Wish it was tinted because I have blonde eyebrows! Also writing this post reminds me I should put on the self tanner because it's spring baby!

Thanks for reading and I'm happy to answer any questions on my latest instagram post! xoxo