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Happy Thursday Friends!

This red H&M jumpsuit is one of my favorites! Plus what a perfect time to share it with the 4th just around the corner. It's a great closet staple for a night out or a fun look for a baby shower.

To be honest, I have two types of "staples" categories in my closet. This red jumpsuit falls into the "affordable staples" category. It's fun to have, I may wear it a bunch of times, but I'm not going to shell out a ton of cash for it. It may go out of style quickly or I may fall out of love with the way it looks on me. (That happens to everyone, right?)

That being said, today I want to share with you where I get most of my "staples" that are mostly trendy and definitely affordable.

Below are my top 5 affordable stores I shop and some of my favorite items for summer.


-H&M is one of my most shopped at stores (online). This season, I am loving their shorts collections and am in need of some desperately! They have so many high waisted pairs and printed shorts. They all are under $40 and if they get sandy at the beach, who cares!




Asos has THE best jumpsuits and rompers. These are one item, as stated above that I don't spend a ton of money on. These trends tend to come and go quickly and I don't want to have a bunch of expensive polka dot jumpsuits and never wear them again. Below is my current wish list of jumpsuits and rompers found at Asos!



I mean... I may be too old to love Forever21, but I am still riding that affordable train until I can't fit my butt into it anymore. I found a couple really cute dresses at Forever the other day, which I'll share below. We all know it's either a hit or a miss, but lately, I've been loving what they've been doing, so let's see what I found...



This one isn't a surprise ladies. Ever since the "A New Day" and "Who What Wear" lines started selling at Target, I have been a die-hard fan of their clothing section. I think they have really cute and affordable prints and they keep me coming back season after season. Below are my summer picks for the Target women's section, available near you!



Nordstrom Rack

This last one can be a little bit pricier than others, but it seriously has some of my favorite items I've bought this summer and I haven't drained my bank account yet!

I love Nordstrom Rack for designer pieces are a lower price, but even more exciting at NR is their basics section. And I'm talking basic t-shirt dresses, sneakers, tank tops, Nike workout pants, etc. Below are some things I've picked up this summer to help me beat the heat!



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