Skirt | Top | Knot Head Band (Option 2) | Shoes

Lately I have been feeling very unmotivated about blogging. I’ve become burnt out trying to share new outfits every day, to be honest. That’s not my reality. I don’t want to bore you with my actual reality, but it isn’t filled with free clothes or professional photographers. So I am going to switch my mindset and blog goals and share the real stuff. Real meaning I wore this skirt to work once a week for the past three weeks. My goal is to try and keep it as real and as fashionable as I can, so today I am sharing One Skirt, Three Ways.

This crop top is 100% worth purchasing. I’ve worn it with so many midi skirts this summer and I can’t wait to start wearing it with booties and a leather jacket this fall. It’s a great layering piece and a quality item you’ll have forever. Also, I’ve raved about these knotted headbands before on my Instagram, but I wear them pretty much every Tuesday and Thursday (my morning workout days). It covers my bad hair day and adds a pop to my typical black blouse and black pants outfit.


Skirt  | Shoes | Tank top | Jacket | Clutch (Option 2)

I swear that my TJ Maxx purchases are some of my favorite in my closet. I found this blue suede jacket last year at TJ’s and it’s a great transitional jacket. Paired with a sexy tank top, this outfit is perfect for dinner with friends or a date with Joe.


Skirt  | Sweatshirt | Sneakers (Option 2) | Belt Bag (Option 2)

This is my most worn look to date. This cheap H&M cropped sweatshirt has been one of my best inexpensive purchases to date. I wear it over slip dresses and with slip skirts on the chilly weekends. I think it looks so cute with sneakers and a belt bag or cross body bag.