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Picture: The Home Edit Instagram

I have been on a HUGE organizing kick lately. After the 1st of the year and the Marie Kondo Netflix show blew up, I've been thinking of new ways to make my home as organized (and pretty) as possible. Thanks to my sister, Marie Kondo, and Instagram, I've been influenced!

I recently did a photoshoot at my sister's house and her condo is the definition of organized. The picture below is of her vanity in her bedroom and it makes me so happy. I like the way everything is displayed and you can see everything she has. One of the worst parts of living in the city and a small space is that you end up stashing things in places you forget and never end up using them. These organizers help with that issue and make your clutter look pretty. My biggest issue is my makeup. I have a place for my skincare products, but nothing to organize all my liners, gels, and bronzers. I just ordered this makeup tower from Amazon and I am so excited to get to organizing!




Do you follow The Home Edit on Instagram? Well, they are the queens of organizing. The kitchens and pantries they design and organize are absolutely beautiful. From the color coding, to the handwritten labels, they think of everything. I've been inspired by their photos on Instagram to try and make the best out of my small kitchen. I ordered a couple items below to help declutter and streamline my mess. Scroll down to see what bins I've ordered for my dry goods and the cute spice containers that come with labels!