You're probably wondering why I am over sweaters. It's only January 31st and I seriously can't handle wearing another turtleneck. And yes, this is the same person typing this who recently wrote about her love of turtlenecks. It might just be this freezing cold weather or the fact that I haven't left the house in 48 hours, but sweaters are currently not my friend.

I recently bought this sweatshirt from Game Set and I have worn it about 100x already. It is currently sold out on their site but I found it here. It is warm and I think it is so stinking cute! The slits on the shoulders and elbows make it so much more chic than a typical crewneck sweatshirt. I know that sweatshirts are nearly as versatile as sweaters, but these suckers will keep you just as warm. Plus, during the summer, you can throw these sweatshirts on over jean shorts and not feel like your suffocating in a wool sweater. I found a ton of really fun and affordable options at my favorite retailers and the links for them are below! Happy Shopping friends and stay warm!


Navy Asos

Pink Boxy Sweatshirt

Grey Hoodie

White Pullover

Tie Dye

Embroidered Sweatshirt 

Pearl Sweatshirt

My Sweatshirt 

Oranger OTS (or in Grey)

Purple Sweatshirt

Ruffle Sweatshirt


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