We moved in when I was 8 months pregnant, so most of the house is still coming together. I am making decisions slowly and I've come to terms that it is going to take a while. Recently I've wanted to update our primary bedroom and I've made a few changes in the past few weeks.

It all started when I saw the side tables above from Target. I loved them and thought they'd be perfect for our room. Sadly they sold out before I could purchase, but it was a blessing because the reviews say that are cheap and poorly made. So I lucked out there!

I already have the carpet and duvet cover. The carpet was a great HomeGoods find for half of what it's listed for online. HomeGoods has great wool carpets and they're less expensive than even Wayfair. I was recently gifted this piece of art and I think it's perfect for above our bed. Unfortunately, the print is backordered until April, so in the meantime I am finding the perfect bedside tables and pillows!

We need larger bedside tables since our bedroom is on the larger side. I want something that has a lot of storage and can be used in future homes. Below are the few options I am in-between! While I love all these, I am also on the look out on Facebook Marketplace and antique stores too!

I am also looking for pillows to bring together the artwork and the green curtains and blue in the rug. WHO KNEW how expensive pillows were! Okay, I'm looking at nice pillows but still. Below are a few options I found that I LOVE! Have a place for inexpensive pillows? Let a girl know!

Down the road I'll get a different headboard. I can't stand the bed we have now with the footboard. I hit my leg on it every single day and I'm ready for a change, but that seems like a big decision and I'm not ready for that yet! Most likely that will be an upholstered neutral headboard.

PS These are the curtains we have and I love them!


Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 12.57.28 PM

Bedside Table Options:

Burlwood Chests - $334 each

Glass & Mirror Side Tables - $718.40 set of 2 OR $153 each

White Bedside Tables - $380

Mirror Bedside Tables - $800 each

Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 2.20.12 PM