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If you've tried to do any shopping lately, you'd have noticed that every online retailer has a section of "cozy sets" or "soft loungewear". And I'm all for it. If you're looking to add to your collection of sets, I found a few that are perfect for wearing in public. I don't know about you, but I live in the Chicago, so I am not wearing a crop top sweatshirt around the house, let alone to the grocery store. I'm also not wearing a full on neon pink tie-dye sweatsuit to Target to get toilet paper (okay, maybe I did in the beginning of quarantine).

That's why todays post is all about loungewear that is appropriate to wear in public. I want to be comfortable, but I am over looking like a slob and not feeling "put together". There are a few things I think about when purchasing a new lounge set suitable of wearing in public. Here are my five tips to remember:

  1. The pants have to be either be cropped or jogger style. Unless you are a supermodel who rolls the pants up and down at the waist, no balloon sweatpants look flattering. Cropped sweatpants or joggers that fit correctly can make all the difference in looking like you just rolled out of bed and being pulled together.
  2. Go with a neutral color. I don't know about you, but I've gotten sick of my prints and tie-dyes. You'll get more wear out of a solid color and if you want, accessories with a fun coat, scarf, vest or whatever you feel like wearing!
  3. The pants have a tie or are form fitting around the waist. The WORST feeling is being in the middle of the chip isle and your pants keep falling down.
  4. Make sure the matching top isn't too long. I think if it hits you below the waist no problem, just tuck it in. Any longer than your waist and it'll be too much fabric, making you look bulky.
  5. Make sure it has a little pizzazz or something special. I like simple, but also there are so many options out there, make sure it's special to you. Why do you like it? Is it the fabric, the puff sleeve, the unique color?

These sets I've shared look super cozy and yet chic enough to wear in front of people other than your significant other or your dog. Happy Shopping!