London Trip
London Trip

Last week Joe and I took a quick trip to London to visit his cousin, Johnny, and wife, Rachel, who are living there for 6 months. We were there for 4 full days and we had a blast! We both got extremely sick after the trip, thanks to travel germs and Chicago's freeing weather, but overall the trip was awesome. Before we went, I asked a couple friends, who’d been to London recently, for some recommendations. Joe and I both had been to London before, but not in years. I have to say, my girlfriends delivered. In hopes of helping one of you guys plan one of your future trips, I am sharing some of the highlights from last week. All of which are food and drink related because that's what is most important, right? I’m happy to give more details or more recommendations via Instagram or email. Feel free to reach out and ask! @lakeandluxurychi

Eat & Drink:

Borough Market – People, I am not kidding when I say that this market is busy. For the love of God, do not go there with a big group or when you’re hangry. We had just gotten off the plane and were starving when we went, which looking back, wasn't our smartest move. And while there are a million food stands to choose from, we wanted to sit down, grab a drink, catch up, and relax. This market is not the best place to do that, but we made it work. After a couple laps of the market, we landed on Fish! Borough Market. It was perfect. We each had fish and chips, which is so cliché, but was delicious. The drinks are great and I highly recommend if you want something sit down in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the market.

Conveniently, Bread Ahead is directly outside of Fish Market. This doughnut stand is pretty famous and for good reason. Joe and I each had a doughnut and neither of us remember what type since we were so tired, but get one. You won't regret it.

The Ned: I wasn’t surprised to find out that The Ned is apart of Soho House, after walking through the front doors. This hotel, club, restaurant, whatever you want to call it, is awesome. It used to be a bank, which you can see signs of in the basement (vault) and the way the lobby is set up. The ambiance is cozy and casual, they have live music, big couches, great cocktails, and more. We grabbed drinks and sat around for a while people watching (so good) and chatting. P.S. the bathrooms here are amazing.

Chiltern Fire House: Equally as posh, this hotel and restaurant have an amazingly cozy interior and very good people watching. We went here for drinks before dinner and got very lucky. They bar area and seating arrangement isn't huge, but we got lucky and scored a corner table with a cozy bench. We enjoyed some fancy cocktails and I loved every minute of it.

*In Windsor: The Two Brewers: Honestly, I’ve used the word cozy way too many times in this post. BUT, this pub in Windsor was by far the coziest place I’ve ever been. It is dark as hell inside, candles everywhere, old warn-in wood furniture, and a little fireplace. It looks like it is a scene from a movie. The best part and most touristy part, is that it is at the entrance of "The Long Walk”. So beautiful and a must see if you're ever in Windsor!

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