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We all know Amazon has things we didn't even know we needed. I feel like that is this post in a nutshell. None of these things are necessities, but they have made our last few weeks easier with a newborn. Due to the fact that I don't leave the house very much, these items have brought me and Liam some joy lately. Check out my instagram to see more random items. I even found myself ordering a grout pen to freshen up our bathroom tile the other day.

For Liam:

  1. Right now Liam sleeps in the 4Moms Mammaroo bassinet in our bedroom. He has spit up at night a few times and I've had to wash the cover to his bassinet A LOT. I found a replacement cover on Amazon, so now we have two covers! Game changer when I'm tired and realize I forgot to put the cover in the dryer.
  2. During his "wake time" Liam likes to bounce in his BabyBourn Bouncer. I found this clip on twister toy to keep his attention and engage with him! (He's too young to interact with it, so he just stares at it for now) Same goes for this black and white book.
  3. One of the most shocking things I quickly learned as a new mom was how often babies pee - also how boys pee everywhere. I started out using these diaper pad mats, but quickly realized I would be washing them every few hours. So instead I found these pee pads that are disposable. The changing pad can be cold, which is why I wanted something to put down.
  4. These little booties were too cute to pass up and look like they'd actually stay on his feet. Worn with socks, these are really warm and will keep Liam's toes toasty (for those few days it's been warm enough to actually go outside for walks!).

For me:

  1. These plastic zipper pouches are perfect for me to organize Liam's and my stuff in my tote or backpack. I love and have the Truffle bags, but these are much less expensive and I am all for that!
  2. I love these inexpensive and light-weight hoops. All I am wearing right now is sweats, so to make myself feel more put together, I throw these on and often forget I am wearing them. I bought the gold in both sizes!
  3. From runny noses to spit up, we have tissues boxes all over our house and I hate the way they look. These tissue paper covers blend in well with our decor and come in a bunch of colors. We have the grey and the blue!
  4. These straws are something so silly and small, but they have made happy and made me drink more water, which is critical while I'm breastfeeding.
  5. I am easily influneced. Tube socks, sweats and sneakers are all the rage right now and I am into the cozy look. Granted most influencers on social media are wearing designer socks, but these Hanes socks are more my speed!