Closet Clean Out
Closet Edit:
Full Closet Edit: It might sound intimidating or daunting, but in order to fully execute a closet edit, I empty your closet out completely and look at each piece you own. While I won't Marie Kondo everything, I do ask some serious questions. Based on prior conversations, I edit down your closet, only organizing items want, can, and will wear. The cost of this service starts at $50/hour. Price may vary, depending on size of closet and client goals. Estimate will be provided after “before” picture is received. Additional organizational materials can be provided and expenses added to client’s final invoice. Individual needs will be assessed after the “before” photo is received.
Partial Closet Edits are also available upon request.
Personal Styling:
Post Grad Professional Package: Just graduate and have your first real job? Awesome! Congratulations! This time can be stressful, so let me take some of the pressure off and help you design a wardrobe that is going to make you feel confident on the first day and beyond. This service starts at $20/hour.
Vacation Look Book: Looking for the perfect dress for your engagement party? Planning a big vacation to Hawaii? Let me help you curate some versatile pieces for your wardrobe. I will plan out 10-20 outfits, providing links to each item, as well as accessories and shoes. This service starts at $20/hour+.
Capsule Collection: Finding it hard getting dressed every morning? Let me help you build a capsule wardrobe. I will create an evolving closet filled with pieces that you can easily mix and match for any Occassion. This service starts at $20/hour+.

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