All Birds are THE most comfortable shoes I own. I am dying for the white pair, but have promised myself I would only buy 1 pair of white tennis shoes this summer. I do however own these All Birds and I love them.

These slip on Vans are classic. Vans are no longer just for California skaters, my mom has these and wears them all the time!

Okay, so they aren't tennis shoes, but I saw a woman wearing these at Anthropologie yesterday and I am obsessed. On sale for $34 - come on! It's a dressy white tennis shoe, of course I love them.

You may hate them, you may love them. Personally, I love them. If you can get past the kindergarten velcro and see them as the stylish shoe they are, I say go for it and wear with confidence!

Chuck and Stan: The Classics

There is not much to say about Chuck and Stan. Unless you live under a rock, you know that these two white tennis shoes are the perfect summer casual shoe. Durable and classic, you can rock rock these with any cocktail dress, jeans, or beach wear.

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