If you asked my mom which one of her kids is the most messy, she would 100% tell you it is me. Growing up my room wasn't the most organized or clean.

As I've gotten older, I have found myself becoming more and more OCD and organized.

Case in point, the items in my current Amazon cart.

I've decided to take my spring cleaning to a new level = spring organizing. I've been in my current apartment for 2 years, and there are a few things that are missing a home and could use some organizing.

Check out a few items below that I hope to use in order to get rid of the "messy child" title.

Click on the pictures to find these great items!

1. Since my bedroom is now my office, I need a place to store my work and personal files. Since my room is only so big, I don't love the idea of wasting space with a filing cabinet. I recently found these cute boxes at Target, which fit perfectly on my windowsill.

2. Fun fact: I have a lot of shoes. Before ordering these boxes off Amazon, I was throwing my shoes under my bed, in my closet in piles, or in a basket from Target. I now (being mature and all) realize I need a better system if I wanted to preserve the shape and quality of my shoes until the next season. These are perfect to stack high in my closet or slide under my bed.

3. If you're anything like me, you have stuff everywhere in your closet. I bought 6 of these to line the shelf in my closet and they hold everything from my clean sheets to my mini steamer, to my clutches. Perfect size and easy to take on and off the high shelf.

4. While I do have and love nail polish, this is not what I intend this rack to hold.  Blogger SomethingNavy uses a nail polish rack as a sunglass holder. Genius! While I don't have as many pairs as she does, it's convenient to display the ones I do have.

5. Some people might think it's a box for bait, or a box for beads. You would be right, but I use this little thing to store my earrings. It's super cheap and it allows me to see all my studs, hoops, ect. Also, it's easy to store!

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