Top // Jeans // Flats // Bag 

Something about this outfit feels very Parisian to me. Which is funny because I've never actually been to Paris. But in my mind, this is something you'd see on the streets in Paris. Stripes and white culottes, and a big smile! 

Speaking of stripes, this white and red stripe top has become one of my most worn long sleeves lately. Would you believe it if I told you it was $10? H&M has some amazing basics and I fully embraced them this past season. The best thing with these basics, like this striped-t, is that it works for all seasons.

Plus stripes are never going out of style. So knowing the price and the fact that I'll always need a good stripe shirt, I am stocking up on these long sleeves!

Another item that I am obsessed with recently is these wide-leg pants. As you know, GAP is one of my favorite places to get jeans. These guys are old, but the wide-leg is in and it seems like white ones are everywhere. I linked a couple pairs below for you to check out! 

Thanks for reading friends and have a wonderful day! 



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