Polka Dot Dress

Well, well, well. I know it's not shocking, but I'm writing a blog post about Target, again, because Target has done it again. Target has launched some pretty killer brands over the past couple years and it's safe to say that I am one of their biggest fans. Today I'm sharing the top 3 brands I search for at Target, along with some of my favorite items from each brand.

Now let’s break it down.

Prologue is the best for staple work pieces. My favorite work pants are these guys and you can bet I own more than one pair of them. They are extremely comfortable, stretchy, and wash really well. They don't wrinkle in the wash, which is a HUGE win for me. I also have this dress, which is perfect to wear to work.

Who What Wear was Target's first brand that really marked Target as a trendy clothing destination, at least in my mind. They make the best statement dresses, skirts, top, shoes, and bags. I mean they literally have everything you’re looking for this season and it won’t cost you your paycheck. This dress is Who What Wear and I think it looks identical to Ganni dress my sister bought in NYC for a quite a bit more $$$.

The last designer is A New Day, which I think is a mix of the two brands above. They have great work staples, but also have some fun jumpsuits and dresses that are perfect for running around town or lounging around the house. I have this dress and it's perfect for summertime!

SURPRISE! My outfit in today's post is from Target! It is so stinking cute and it really feels a lot more expensive than it is. I love the cut and the sleeves.

If you saw my instagram from the other day, you saw that I posted this Target dress too! It's perfect for work and I love the fit. It feels like it could be from Everlane or Nordstrom. Instead, it's $40 and in stores now! PS it also comes in army green.