track pants
track pants

(Not-so) Secretly, my 8th-grade, tomboy self is kind of geeking out at the fact that track pants are in style! Boy did I love my tear-off Adidas pants back in the day. Those and a white t-shirt, and I was ready to hit the town (meaning the local ice cream store).

Luckily for me, track pants have gotten a makeover and are uber chic now. There are tailored pairs, printed track pants, and even track culottes! The pair in my instagram (@lakeandluxurychi) are from J.Crew but are old. Although they aren't a recent purchase, they're extremely similar to what's out there. You'd never know they've been sitting in my closet for a couple years!

How to style your track pants, you ask? Well, that depends on the style of pant you buy. Athletic or trouser, solid or printed. It also depends on where you are wearing them. 99.9% of the time, track pants need to be worn with a stiletto heel. Unless you are 8 ft tall, you're going to want to capitalize on making your legs look longer and leaner. The stripe on the side is already going to help, but why not! The only time I would pair track pants with tennis shoes is when I am wearing a cropped or ankle length, athleisure pair somewhere casual. Unlike these Pinterest pictures, most of us aren't supermodel height and on our way into a fashion show in Paris. šŸ™‚

Below I rounded up my favorite track pants and a few top options to pair with them.

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Pair your pants with any of these feminineĀ or flowy tops below!

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