tie dye

One of the MVP's of quarantine is tie dye. Social media is blowing up with at-home DYIs, matching sets, and colorful sweatshirts. I totally get it. We all are craving some color in our lives and if wearing a bright outfit makes us feel better, then I am in!

I recently tie dyed a sweatshirt and it was super easy. It cost $17 total, which isn't much compared to the pieces above. It did take some time and patience, as well as there was a bit of a mess to clean up. I will share more on this later in the week.

If you're looking for an easier way to join the trend and forego the DYI, check out the cool pieces above. All of them could be worn now, during quarantine, and well after. (Maybe except for the suit, unless you live in warm weather!) Dress down the midi skirt with a white t-shirt and sneakers for a trip to the grocery store or throw on the leggings for an at-home workout. The sweatshirt dress is so cute and would make you feel a little more dressed up than your pjs. I hope these are some new pieces that bring you joy or they encourage you to get out your white t's and start a tie dying project.