After spending the weekend in Napa, I have some serious "interior design goals" floating around in my head. There were so many different styles and themes at the restaurants, tasting rooms, and hotels we saw. All of which inspired me to take a look at my own apartment and see what I could add to step it up!

To start, I have to share that I have a neutral colored couch. I played it safe and bought a beige sofa knowing I would have it for a while and it would match just about anything a roommate added to the mix. Is your couch a neutral color? Most of you are thinking "yes, it's tan...(or grey, or brown)". I understand, couches are a huge purchase and a quality one will last you a while.

With our couch color in mind, think about what pops in your living room. Is it the colorful rug under the coffee table? Is it the plant in the corner? In my opinion, it doesn't have to be a bright color that pops, but something of a different texture or size. Pillows are a great and inexpensive way to add both.

When scrolling through Pinterest or a interior design magazine, the photos that I like the best are those that show variety of pillows- color, texture, and size. Your space feels more personalized when you mismatch the pillows and add your own touches. Plus, this if you get tired of the particular look to went for, you can easily change it up!

After checking out a bunch of really cool places this week, all equally unique, I am excited to take some time to add my own personal touches to my apartment.

For more living room and pillow inspiration, check out my interior design boards on Pinterest. Plus, scroll down for some affordable pillows that can help add a pop of color or pop of texture to your space.



I love the mixture of not only colors here, but also adding the leather pillow. It adds a pop of contrast and helps warm up the space.


This is a great example of how to mix prints. All of these prints are neutral in color, but completely different. Love this!