One of my favorite parts of being a real estate agent is helping sellers get their homes ready to put on the market. It is my goal to make their space as inviting and appealing to everyone as possible, the second they see it. Whether that's helping declutter or helping them with paint colors, it's always an adventure!

Another great part of my job is when my clients move into a new place and they ask for design help. The other day I helped one client pick out pillows for her couch, while another one asked me for help with carpet and paint colors. It's the creative aspect of my job that I love most!

While some of my clients are homeowners and others are renters, there are tons of things you can do to update your space and make it your own. It might be surprising, but these updates don't have to cost you thousands of dollars. Below are 10 ways to update your home without breaking the bank.

  1. Update kitchen and bathroom knobs - This small change can take a kitchen from dated and traditional, to clean and modern. Places like Amazon and Home Depot have great selections that won't cost you more than $100.
  2. Layering rugs - If you're renting, replacing old carpet might not be an option for you. But you can totally layer a rug on top of the carpet to camouflage. Examples like this and this are great for large areas and are super affordable.
  3. Slip Covers - Did you inherit an old couch or love seat? Maybe it doesn't fit your overall style and you're not in a position to purchase a new set of living room furniture. I love the idea of getting a neutral slipcover from here that's easy to throw in the wash and easy on the wallet.
  4. Paint - It is amazing what a little paint can do. I suggest going to Lowes or Home Depot and getting as many paint chips as you like and bringing them home with you. Compare the paint with any trim you have, along with your floors. Pinterest is a great place to get paint ideas, but you can also look here for tips on how to choose the right color!
  5. Removable tiles - If you're not in the market to invest in a bathroom renovation or installing a backsplash in your kitchen, check out these tile stickers! They go on easily and are great for renters. They peel off when you move, but also let you personalize your space for a fraction of a retile job!
  6. Light fixtures - Another easy swap that can totally change the look of a room is changing out lighting. Light fixtures are one item that can date a place. It's also amazing how many crazy fixtures are out there. In my opinion, go for something classic and sleek, like this for above a dining table or these for above a kitchen island.
  7. Add greenery - This one can be super cheap to accomplish. Adding a couple succulents or a fiddle leaf fig tree can brighten up space dramatically. It also makes it more inviting and can add texture and height to corners and small spaces.
  8. Rearrange furniture - These next two are free! Think about why your furniture is laid out the way you have it. Is it for functionality or design? Are there pieces that you could move from one room to another to freshen the space up? My dad always has said you need to let a room "breathe" after you move in before you start rearranging. There's no need to rewire your TV on the opposite wall, but why not mix up your bookshelves or rearrange your bedroom?
  9. Declutter - My final tip is to declutter. This is the CHEAPEST way to update your home. Get rid of things that you've been holding onto for no reason or that serve no particular purpose. The most appealing spaces are those that look clean, organized, and bright!

Hope these tips encourage you to make your house a home, quickly, easily, and affordable! Thanks for reading!