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Well, it is still summertime and 90 degrees in Chicago this week. And I am not complaining! But the reality is that August is here and retailers have come out with some pretty cute fall frocks. Since it doesn't seem to be getting chilly any time soon, I thought I'd share some cute transitional dresses that will work now and later- when Chicago decides to turn on us.

What makes a dress easily transitional? Let me tell you!

In my opinion, there are three things that help with making a dress go from summer to fall. First of all, each of the dresses in today's post would look cute with sandals, sneakers, or booties. It's important to find one that goes with a lot of shoes in your closet. If the dress is too summery, booties won't look right and your toes will be freezing in sandals in October.

Second, can they be layered? In the fall, some of these dresses would be super cute with a white or black turtleneck underneath or just a plain t-shirt. Similarly, when it gets cold, all of these options would look cute with a leather jacket or bomber jacket on top.

Third, the shape of the dress really matters when it comes to whether or not it's going to work in multiple seasons. As you've probably noticed, most of these dresses are midi dresses. I think that it's much easier to rock a midi than a mini in the fall, especially in the Mid-West. I just find that it is more comfortable in the cooler temps and midi's don't require wearing tights!

The dresses I chose for today's post are not only versatile depending on the season, but versatile depending on the occasion. Change up the shoes or the accessories and this dress can go from office to happy hour! Or this dress can go from beach cover-up to date night.

Whether you're looking for something to wear this summer or adding to your fall wardrobe, I hope you enjoyed this post!  Thanks for reading friends!

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