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LuluLemon Align Joggers | Target Tanks | H&M Leggings | H&M Tops | ASOS Vest | Nordstrom Dress | Soma PJs

I had high hopes of sharing maternity outfits throughout my pregnancy, but that didn't happen. When you're not going into an office and there is a global pandemic going on, there is little reason to buy new clothes and my opportunities for dressing up were few and far between. I wore pretty much the same thing all summer - these bike shorts and a t-shirt.

As the seasons shifted, I switched from these Align shorts to the Align joggers. They are the only thing I've really invested in over the past 9 months. They've fit me the entire pregnancy and I know they will after too, which is why I didn't mind spending some cash. Same goes for my Soma jammies. I'll keep wearing them after pregnancy and since they're drawstring, they'll always fit!

Above are my favorite tanks and leggings, and big plus is that they didn't break the bank! As for cold weather gear, my sweaters I already own are working great for now and I just layer a tank underneath. It amazingly hasn't been too cold in Chicago this winter, so I didn't shell out any cash for a new puffer coat. Plus I am ALWAYS hot right now, so I don't really need it. This ASOS vest has been my best friend. It's from pre-pregnancy and it works great for errands, which is all I'm doing at the moment!

Sweater dresses have been really easy to throw on and go. I wore this one to my baby shower in Detroit with booties and a scarf. Nordstrom has a ton of really cute and affordable options - like this one I've worn with sneakers for the past few weeks!

Looking back on my pregnancy, I really didn't feel like dressing up often - if ever. I am proud of myself for not over doing it with the maternity wear, since this period in my life isn't going to last forever. These items got me through the past 9 months and kept me comfy, without breaking the bank. Now I am in search of nursing bras and nursing tanks for the next phase of my pregnancy! Any suggestions?! - DM me!